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Once approved, you will have access to our Fast Act & PagePlus Activation Portals which allows you to activate, port, check account status, ReUp, Live Chat, and much more...

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How the dealer process works:

How to get started as a dealer in a couple easy steps

Get Started by Submitting a Fast Act Portal login request. These requests are usually completed within 10 minutes, or up to 1 day. Credentials are sent by email; be sure and look for an email from DoNotReply@TracFone.
If your account was set up, you can retrieve your password here online. Also, be sure and check both your inbox and spam folder for an email from "".
Once you have a Fast Act Portal login, you can then submit your Spiff Account application. A Spiff Account will entitle you to be listed as a authorized dealer on, as well as receive a spiff confirmation code* good for additional spiff benefits directly with Simple Mobile.
You will need to set up a Spiff account if you haven't already. Set up yours online, right here: Submit a new Spiff Application
Spiff and ePay applications take 1-3 days to process. If it's been longer, additional information may be required and a TracFone representative may have contacted you via email. Be sure and look for an email from TracFone that requested additional information such as Tax ID, business credentials, or other.
A Spiff confirmation code is issued once your application is approved. This should be saved and used as instructed for future Simple Mobile Spiff Incentives that are communicated via email.

Actual base spiff from the sale of any Simple Mobile Suite of products will be paid by directly by an approved Master Agent. A list of approved Master Agents will be provided upon completion of the application and approval process.

Are you new to TracFone and want to become a dealer but not ready to sign up?

Fill out a quick more information form to contact Dealer Support. You'll also be provided a list of your local masters to contact and help set you up with an account.

Processing Time: 1-2 days for email support

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